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When you creating an account or register online with us, you will receive the following benefits:
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To access your account information, you will need to sign in using your email address and password. For security reasons, you will be automatically logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity on davidsbridal.com. If this occurs, please re-enter your email address and password. You can sign out at any time by clicking the "Logout" link in the top right of the website.

Reset Password
Please note that passwords, email addresses, and usernames are case-sensitive. If you forgot your password, click here. You will be asked to enter the email address used to create your account and a temporary password will be emailed there. Please allow up to 15 minutes to process your request.

Once you receive the email, go back to the Login page and enter your temporary password to create your new permanent password - note that there are 3 required fields:
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Update Email Address
Click "Login" in the top right of the website and log into your account using your old email address and password. Click "My Profile" and your account information will appear. Edit your email address (and any other information you wish to update), then click the "Save" button. A thank you message will appear on the page when your information has been changed.

When you register or create an account, a valid email address is required. You will have the option to sign up to receive notices about special offers/events from David's Bridal and our partners. We ask for your wedding date and other personal information to help us improve your shopping experience and tailor messages to your specific needs.

We want to make wedding planning easier for you (and fun!) and would love to hear your feedback on our new My Event Feature! If you have questions or comments, please send an email to: myeventsupport@dbi.com Please note that all efforts have been made to ensure that www.davidsbridal.com works with the most popular browsers. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 8.0 and above.


Within your Account, all of your important Event notifications can be viewed in the Messages link in the menu. This is where you'll receive a message each time you're invited to an Event, or assigned a Task or Shopping List.


Think of it as your own private hub for your wedding planning. On your Event Newsfeed you can:
  • Track all the details happening within your Event!
  • Communicate with your Wedding Party.
  • Share your Favorites with your Wedding Party, and let them suggest products to you.
  • View your Wedding Party's Mood Boards, or inspire them with yours!
  • Learn when a Task or Shopping List has been completed.
Event Activity
You will receive notifications on your Event Newsfeed whenever someone joins your Wedding Party, shares a product or Mood Board, or completes a Task or Shopping List.

You and your Wedding Party can communicate by writing messages on your Event Newsfeed. You can also comment and start conversation threads on anything that is posted on the Event Newsfeed including other posts, shared products and Mood Boards. Remember, only your invited Wedding Party members can see your Newsfeed.

Posting Products to your Newsfeed
You can share items you like with your Wedding Party right on your Event Newsfeed. You can choose to share an item from your Favorites, or simply copy the URL (link) of any product that you'd like to share (from davidsbridal.com or any website!). Your Wedding Party can do the same to suggest products to you!


Invite your bridal party and anyone you choose to be a part of your private planning process. By connecting with your Wedding Party, you can:
  • Assign specific tasks to anyone in your group.
  • Keep them informed of important dates, upcoming appointments and other wedding plans.
  • Communicate with them on the Event Newsfeed.
  • Share your favorite products, and let them suggest things to you.
  • Get inspired by their Mood Boards, or ask them for feedback on yours!
Invite Friends

Invite friends and family to be a part of your Wedding Party through Facebook. Once they've accepted your invitation, you can assign them roles and tasks, share your Mood Boards and Favorites, and communicate with them on your Event Newsfeed.

Don't worry, My Event is private - we won't share anything on your Facebook timeline. And your Wedding Party won't be able to see your private information like your Budget or the Mood Boards you've chosen to keep to yourself.

Managing your Wedding Party
You can invite Facebook friends to your Wedding Party at any time in your planning process, and you can also remove them from Your Event if you choose.

Some brides might like to invite their groom, but most want to keep certain details a surprise. Unless you choose to invite him to your Wedding Party, he won't find out about all of those special wedding secrets you have planned!


We've designed the ultimate planning tool to help you keep track of all your important dates, appointments, to-do's and other milestones?from ordering invitations to cake tastings to dress fittings. We'll not only let you know what to do, but when to do it! In the Task List manager you can:
  • Customize with important dates, appointments and notes.
  • View your Tasks by Period (months to wedding) or by Status (current, coming up, overdue, completed).
  • Assign Tasks to your Wedding Party, send reminders and track the progress.
  • Get tips and ideas from our preferred vendor partners.
  • Stay organized and relaxed!
Create a Task
Start building your wedding checklist by creating new Tasks. Click "Add Task," add a title, description and date. If you choose to assign your Task, we'll send reminders to make sure you never miss a date!

Assign a Task
After creating a Task, you can assign it to anyone: your Wedding Party, friends and family, or even your fiancé!

To assign a Task, simply click on it and then click the Edit Task button. Select a Facebook friend or enter their email address. Then we'll take care of the rest by sending a notification with all the details.

If the assignee is not in your Wedding Party, they will only be able to see the specific Tasks that they've been assigned.

Remove Tasks
You can remove a task at any time by clicking the "Remove" button. All removed tasks can be seen and restored in the "View All" tab.

Once you start checking tasks off your list, our Progress Bar will show you how far along you are, and give you helpful hints on what you should be prioritizing in the different stages of the planning process.


Managing your wedding expenses can be stressful, yet every great event starts with an organized budget. We're here to help you make the most of your wedding finances by recommending allocations, helping you find great deals from our preferred partners, and making sure you stay top of it all by easily keeping track of every expense.

Create a Budget
It's easy to get started! Simply enter your total Budget estimate, and we'll provide instant suggestions for every category.
  • You can add or remove items from your Budget at any time.
  • To add an item, select "Add Item" from the top of the Budget list. Give it a title, select the appropriate category, include any notes and fill in the projected cost (and actual cost when you have it).
  • To remove an item, click on the category to view specific budget item details. Click the Remove button (X) at the end of the row you want to remove. The item will be moved to the bottom of the list under "Removed Items" where you can click the Restore icon if you want to add it back.
Manage Your Expenses
  • Your Overview will show at the top of your Budget Planner and you can click on each category for details and to make changes.
  • The Budgeted column is the average cost for that particular category based on expert suggestions. For each budget item detail, you can edit this amount to align more closely with what you estimate you will spend.
  • Every time you make a purchase, enter your expenses into the appropriate category in the Actual column.
  • The Difference column will show you where you've gone over budget and where you've saved.
Balance Your Budget
  • Each item in your budget falls under a specific category. Simply click on the category named under "Overview" to view the items in that category.
  • Entering and adjusting expenses by category will allow you to decide where to cut back, and where you can splurge!

Organize and manage all of your wedding must-haves, from bridesmaids' dresses to accessories, décor and more. With the Shopping List tool, you can:
  • Create lists of everything that you'd like to try on and purchase for your wedding
  • Assign Shopping Lists to your Wedding Party, family or friends via Facebook or Email
  • Track the progress of your lists, as each item is purchased
Create as many lists as you need, and give each one a unique name and due date. To add an item to your list, enter its name or a brief description - this is where you can specify specific colors, sizes and styles. We made it easy to select from your David's Bridal Favorites or include a URL from anywhere on the web. If you want to add an item that's not a Favorite and you don't have a link, simply fill in the description area with the details and click the 'Add Item' button.

You can assign Shopping Lists to your Wedding Party, friends, family, and even your groom through Facebook or email. Shoppers will be responsible for buying everything on their list, and checking items off as they are purchased.?

Managing and tracking the progress of your lists has never been easier. Print any Shopping List out and bring it in store. Receive notifications every time an item has been purchased. Send reminders to your shoppers when a due date is approaching. Your Wedding Party and shoppers you've invited through Facebook can also comment on the list right in your Newsfeed.

Set the tone for your wedding by creating boards of inspirational images that express your theme, color scheme, dresses, décor and more!
  • Select David's Bridal-inspired templates, or customize your own.
  • Add inspirational images from our library, or upload photos from Facebook and your computer.
  • You're in control of which boards you want to share! Keep your Mood Board private, share it with your Wedding Party, or post it to the Public Mood Board gallery.
  • You can also Pin it, Post it or Tweet it!
Select a Template
It's so easy to get started! Choose one of our blank layouts or select from an inspiring array of sample boards that you can personalize and make your own.

Add Imagery
Browse thousands of inspirational images to find the ones that best represent the ideas you have for your special day.

Choose images from the David's Bridal Gallery, Ideas & Inspiration from our stylists, or add your own photos.

You can also choose to add your own images by uploading photos from your computer, or your Facebook account.

Then, style your Mood Board by editing the frame, background color and spacing.

Saving and Sharing Your Mood Board
Add a title and description, then choose your privacy settings. You'll be given a special URL (link) for easy sharing with anyone you'd like.

When you or your Wedding Party share a Mood Board with your Event, it will appear on your Event Newsfeed.

Now you have easy access to all your favorite things from David's Bridal! From dresses to accessories to ceremony accents and more, add everything that you love and want for your wedding to your Favorites.
  • Simply click "Save to Favorites" as you browse products on davidsbridal.com.
  • Access your Favorites from the link at the top of our website or within your Account.
  • Post your Favorites to your private Event Newsfeed.
  • Share select Favorites on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Automatically see when your Favorite items go on sale.
  • Your consultant can even access your Favorites when you visit a store for your appointment.
Favorites in My Event
When you come across a style that inspires you or an absolute must-have for your wedding, save it to your Favorites for easier access later. You'll be able to share it with friends, and even print it out to bring in-store. When you select "Post to Event Newsfeed" it will save to your Event, and appear on your Event Newsfeed for your Wedding Party to view and comment on.

Favorites in Newsfeed
You and your entire Wedding Party can post the items you love to your Event Newsfeed!

Favorites in Shopping List
Saving your Favorite styles will also make it easy to add items to your Shopping List!