Shapewear Guide

Wondering what to wear under your wedding dress? Here’s a guide to the best slips and shapewear for every style. Put on the right ones, and you’ll instantly see why these undergarments are a bride’s best friend.

Woman in Shapewear Smiling as She Looks at Her Gown Woman in Shapewear Smiling as She Looks at Her Gown

Our stylists are experts at choosing shapewear that’s perfectly suited to your wedding dress. Every gown is different, and we’d love to show you what to wear with your silhouette and neckline.

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Find Your Dress Silhouette

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What to Wear Under

Mermaid & Trumpet

Wedding Dresses

Mermaid Wedding Dress: Before
Mermaid Wedding Dress: Solution
Mermaid Wedding Dress: After

Before: Your dress lacks the drama you're dreaming of.

What to wear: A mermaid or trumpet slip makes the most of your gown’s signature shape, hugging the hips and then amping up the volume.

After: You've nailed the fit-and-flare—check out that skirt!

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What to Wear Under


Wedding Dresses

A-Line Wedding Dress: Before
A-Line Wedding Dress: Solution
A-Line Wedding Dress: After

Before: Your dress looks more like a sheath than an A–line.

What to wear: You might be surprised that an A-line undergarment looks a lot like a mermaids slip. Here's why: It's specially designed to keep the dress's fabric from caving in between your legs as you walk or dance.

After: This universally flattering silhouette comes together with a full but gradually angled skirt.

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What to Wear Under

Ball Gown

Wedding Dresses

Ball Gown Wedding Dress: Before
Ball Gown Wedding Dress: Solution
Ball Gown Wedding Dress: After

Before: Your dress feels deflated without its fairy–tale skirt.

What to wear: A ball gown slip enhances all 360 degrees of your dress's pouf. And we have different options to match exactly the level of volume you desire. For the fullest bell shape, try a hoop slip, which has two adjustable hoops sewn into the hem.

After: You look truly regal, and with the fabric on the front of your skirt lifted from the ground, you float elegantly down the aisle.

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What to Wear Under


Wedding Dresses

Tea-Length Wedding Dress: Before
Tea-Length Wedding Dress: Solution
Tea-Length Wedding Dress: After

Before: Your cropped skirt is falling a bit flat.

What to wear: A tea–length slip gives your short wedding dress the extra layers it needs to perk up, elevating this fun silhouette to something a little more formal and wedding–ready.

After: Give it a twirl and you'll see the difference!

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Strapless Bra Plus Size
Longline Bra
Convertible Bra

Before: With a plunging neckline or an open back, you might have peekaboo–bra problems.

What to wear: We have lots of bra and corset choices to fit even the most daring looks. For extra sculpting power, try a longline bra, which extends down to your hips and cinches your middle.

After: You look sleek as can be—and your bra stays hidden, where it belongs.

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Shapewear Solution: Smoothing Half Slip
Shapewear Solution: Slimming Bodysuit
Shapewear Solution: Control High-Waisted Brief

Before: Your wedding day is no time for bunching, clinging, or underwear lines.

What to wear: For the most fitted gowns, choose a bodysuit to smooth you from bust to hip. Or, to target your bottom half, we have briefs, shorts, half–slips, and leggings in all cuts and sizes.

After: Thanks to amazing panels of control fabric and the most flattering seams, you're ready to wear any dress with confidence.

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